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    Welcome to the PlanetMainframe

    By Jacky HOFBAUER 2 years ago

    PlanetMainframe is the name of our Alliance. The members are DATAKINETICS from Ottawa in Canada, HostBridge Technology from USA , InSoft Infotel Software GmbH from Dusseldorf in Germany, SQData Corp from USA and zCost Management from La Turballe in France. The Chairman of PlanetMainframe is Allan Zander.

    Alan said:

    “My name is Allan Zander, CEO of DataKinetics, a leader in mainframe data access optimization solutions, and Chairman of the Planet Mainframe Alliance, a consortium of small innovative mainframe ISVs that provide targeted solutions to companies running mainframe systems.  I’m starting this blog as a vehicle for people to voice opinions on what is happening now, what will be happening and what should be happening in the busy enterprise mainframe (and distributed!) data center world. So many exciting things are happening- from legacy asset improvement to new mainframe developments to big data, cloud and analytics- that we need be able to tell which are just fads, and which are actual trends, and to keep sight on what can make a real difference in our data centers. We’ll also be offering insights on the latest data center technology and how it can benefit (or how it may not) large IT organizations.”

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