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    zCost Management bietet drei Serviceangebote für Kostenkontrolle mit ASC an.Jede der genannten Dienstleistungen wird von unseren erfahrenen Technikern und Projektleitern gerne bei Ihnen durchgeführt.


    Installation auch als Teileines Proof of Concept für die Beurteilung der Lösung in der Kundenumgebung.


    Verteilung auf alle CPCs nach Lizensierung von ASC.


    Analyse der ASC Architektur und Einstellungen nach Produktivnahme.

    Implementation Service Package

    the aim of this service offering is to accompany prospects who wish to test ASC (included in the proof of concept period).

    The POC includes 4 phases:

    • Start of the ASC project

      project managers are named. They will coordinate the actions, define the planning and allocate technical human resources to the project. Also and above all, the customer’s objectives are defined.

    • Preparation of the ISP

      an ASC package is delivered with the product, its documentation and temporary keys for 5 to 7 weeks. The goal is to install the product in simulation mode and then switch to real mode during one SCRT cycle (from the 2nd of the month to the 2nd of the following month) to validate the financial and technical benefits of ASC.

    • The ISP

      a technical expert is on site during 4 days to validate ASC has been properly installed, start ASC in real mode, train the customer’s technical team and adjust ASC’s parameter setting when necessary.

    • The follow-up of the POC

      cooperation between the project managers to make sure the POC goes well, and to create the POC reports. These reports will be presented by zCost Services’ project manager at the end the POC.

    Only the 4 days on site and the day spent to make the ISP reports are invoiced.The ISP is the key phase of the POC; our prospects benefit from our expertise while testing ASC to get optimal use of the product in their specific context and reach their goals.

    DSP (Deployment Service Package)

    the aim of this service offering to help new customers deploy ASC on all their CPCs after purchasing an ASC license.
    NB: this applies only if the customer has more than one CPC.The approach of the DSP is the same the ISP’s one. Objectives are defined as well as the overall ASC architecture.One of zCost Services’ technical experts will assist the customer during the implementation of ASC in all CPCs. He will make sure everything is ok just like he did during the POC.

    Audit & Recommendations

    the aim of this service is to make a balance on how ASC is used and to advise the customer on some parameter setting and/or architecture adjustments, a few month/years after ASC was first implemented.

    ASC is regularly improved. A new version or a major release is issued each year by zCost Management.The customer’ context may also evolve: the activity may increase (or decrease) and the architecture and/or the number of CPCs often changes. The initial objectives of the customer might change with these context evolutions.Hence the audit in order to adapt to the new context. Our experts will review the ASC installation and configuration: they will study the behaviors and results obtained. After validating the new objectives (cost-efficiency, service quality) our experts will advise you on parameter setting adjustments. We can help our customers set up these changes and check if the goals are achieved.