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    zCOST Management Marketing Policy
    zCOST Management intends to market a given release until the next release becomes available and may occasionally choose to continue to market a release beyond the availability of the next release.
    zCOST Management End of Support Dates
    The following tables provide the announcement, general availability and end of support dates for zCOST Management product releases.
    Product Version G.A EOS
    ASC V3000 2014 December N/A
    ASC V2200 2013 October 2016 December
    ASC V2100 2012 January 2015 June
    ASC V2000 2011 October 2013 December
    CCP-Tool V2000 2012 June N/A
    CCP-Tool V1000 2010 March 2013 December

    All statements regarding the future direction and intent of zCOST Management are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only.