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    Dino Explorer Suite


    ASC optimizes the performance of your system while controlling your Workload License Charges. ASC safeguards the right MSUs are in the right place, at the right time and for the right cost.

    • Dynamic load balancing between the LPARs depending on their behavior and need
    • Controlled total DC (sum of the LPARs’ DCs) to guarantee software costs optimization
    • Comprehensive web reporting to better follow up the activity and monitor your System z resources
    • Cost control linked to your commitments about software agreement
    Depending on the customer’s context, ASC can allow:
    • To activate more HW power while controlling the SW bill (white space for free)
    • To increase the service quality and better comply with SLAs
    • To build a negotiation/renegotiation for new SW agreement (leverage)

    ASC can be compared to WLM: WLM prioritizes Workloads in the LPAR, ASC prioritizes LPARs in the CEC. They both apply a policy with a set of stable relevant rules.

    Try our free simulation to find out by how much you could reduce your MLC costs.

    Customer experience

    We started a cost control project in 2010. The first step was to expand our PSLC aggregation to all our servers and to start ASC on 2 servers at first. We recently finalized the deployment of ASC by acquiring rights of use for the full scope around 6000 MSU. Thanks to SWONZ, their US distributor, we met the zCost Management team a couple of times and we appreciated very much their level of expertise and their professionalism.

    A US Insurance Company, Author description

    In the end of 2011, we asked SWonZ for a cost control project with ASC. During the POC, the editor matched our needs with great technical expertise. The results were very satisfying with a quick ROI: therefore, we bought the ASC license in July 2012.

    A US Banking Corporation, Author description

    Even though we used IBM’s GCL, we asked for a benchmark with ASC to DBA Sistemi. We were aggressive on cost control with GCL so we had performance problems and a poor services quality sometimes. We made an ASC POC on one of our servers and we observed a very obvious enhancement in the service quality together with MSU savings. Hence, we acquired an ASC license and implemented the product on our others servers.

    An Italian Banking Corporation, Author description

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